1. Lack of funds – make sure enough funds are available
  2. Expired / reported lost cards – make sure using the right card
  3. Wrong card information –  make sure card number and CVC security code are properly entered.

    This will allow you to enjoy the service and prevent any problems with the automatic renewal of your subscription, as well as all kinds of in-app purchases (extra charge and Daily Pass).

    If you want to check and update your card details, you can do so by following this link https://www.andjoy.life/account/cards once you are logged in to your profile or directly in the payment methods menu in the app.

    Make sure you only use the cards we accept for payment. We recommend using credit cards, as some debit cards have restrictions on online and / or international payments. You can also use cards issued by non-bank financial institutions for exampe, Revolut. We are working to ensure that our system can accept Maestro and PayPal cards soon, but this is not possible at this stage.